55 cm medal hanger

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We make modern medal hangers from poplar plywood, which are a great gift for every sportsman or sportswoman. Hangers are available in different widths - 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm and 80 cm, while the height is variable and adapts to the length of the name that the customer can enter. The thickness of the hanger is 4 mm, which guarantees its strength and durability.

The medal hanger can be personalized according to individual requirements - you can choose the name and sport that will be depicted on the hanger. The customer provides this information in the note in the basket when ordering. Based on this data, I will then create a proposal that is unique for each customer.

The material for production is natural plywood, which has a specific structure and wood pattern, and thus gives every hanger an original look. The production of the hanger starts only after the payment of the order and takes approximately 1-2 days. Subsequently, the hanger is sent to the customer via courier.

Medal hangers are not only practical, but also decorative elements. In addition to sporting achievements, they can also be used to display medals for musical or creative achievements. For pets, hangers can be a reminder of their progress and achievements.

On the site, different categories of hangers are available according to width and thematic focus. The customer can choose between hangers for various sports such as tennis, athletics, football, gymnastics, chess, cycling, fishing, climbing, fitness, darts, taekwondo and more. It is also possible to order a hanger with multiple names or a complicated theme, which is ideal for joint achievements or team awards.

Each hanger is unique and adapted to the needs of the customer, which makes it an original and personal gift for athletes of all ages.

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