Children's room

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The decoration completes the children's room and literally draws the eyes of visitors or family members.

Your children's room will become unique!

Custom design in different colors and fonts.

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Why buy a wooden family calendar - tree, heart, house, rose or key?

The wooden family calendar NEW COLLECTION 2023 is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a clearly recorded list of birthdays and name names of family members and holidays.

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Family calendars

First holy communion

Baptism of the Child, First Holy Communion, Confirmation - These are solemn events that are of profound significance to believers. Therefore, usually as a gift to baptism, a gift for communion, or a gift to Birmovka, children are given an object associated with faith.

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A gift for a newborn

Did you or your friends have a baby? Or are you invited to baptism? We have a great decoration for his room. The name is made to measure with hanging decorations on which the information about the baby is written. Hand-painted on both sides.

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