Family Calendar is a great choice for anyone who wants to have list of birthdays and names of family members and holidays nicely recorded. It's a valuable way to remember your loved ones throughout the year. In this article, you will learn about why to buy a wooden family calendar type B with the inscription "family calendar" tree, heart, house, rose or key.

Wooden family calendars are very popular and look attractive. They are made of poplar wood board 4 mm and accessories 3 mm. You can decorate the calendar with the napkin technique or colors according to your wishes. The 2023 collection comes with special accessories for decoration in different shapes of tree, heart, house, rose, key or even your own custom idea to create a unique design for you or other family members. Heart and ring accessories are used to mark holidays, birthdays, name days and occasions.

Rodinný kalendár strom

Family calendars are a great choice for anyone who wants to paint and complete according to their own imagination or to please a loved one with something unique. It also provides space to host holidays and occasions for your entire family - a very thoughtful gift!

The last thing is the size - width 53 cm x height 17 cm x thickness 4 mm - so generous space for finishing!

Wooden family calendar type B with label "Family Calendar"

strong> is a great choice for every beginner and professional who wants to create their own purpose-built decoration! It is the perfect way to remember the holidays of your loved ones throughout the year. The calendar comes with a special addition of a tree, rose, heart, house or key! If you are looking for something that you would like to complete yourself or something that you would like to give to a loved one, then this product is definitely the right one!

rodinný kalendár srdce a bozkavajúci pár
rodinný kalendár ruža

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